Our Company has been established as an industrial mineral grinding plant in 1988.

Esen Mikronize is the best company for calcite grinding in Turkey with its own mines, production capacity, customer potential and sales power.


Our company produces all fines and quality of calcium carbonate, and provides the best service for its customers. The required raw materials are supplied from our own licensed mines. The high quality products are obtained through the provided facilities of  crushing, washing and upgrading within our mine plants operations.


The target markets are determined and divided into zones to provide efficient communication with the customers. Each zone has a responsible marketing competent that helps us to have the right decisions in the fastest way.


For a continuous and just-in-time service, we deliver  large majority of the required orders by our own vehicles.


Our company has been carried on its management and improvement through an institutional structure with ISO 9001:2000 Quality Assurance and TSE certificates.



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